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Karate in 2021

April 29th grading results. Congratulations everyone!

Beginners Class

Aryan    F8 Yellow Belt

Xavier    F8 Yellow Belt

Lucy    F8 Yellow Belt

Hanna    S8 Yellow Belt

Manha     S8 Yellow Belt

Jett    S8 Yellow Belt

Intermediate Class

Adrienne    F6 Green Belt

Dallas    F6 Green Belt

Zander  S3 Brown Belt

Shelly  S3 Brown Belt

Grant   S2 Brown Belt

Congratulations to all who participated and advanced to their next ranking!

Please note, the Semi & Full designations only indicate your actual scoring on your test and are needed by TJKSCA for their records.

You all have every right to wear your belts proudly!

Randy McIntyre

Karate classes will continue through until the end of May for those who wish to sharpen their skills!
 Cell (306)831-7669

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