Dojo Etiquette

You will learn to properly bow when entering and exiting the dojo, when lined up at the beginning and end of class, at the beginning and end of each kata and to another student or instructor before and after performing any partner training.
Kiai - Sooner or later you will learn to "kiai".  This is not just a yell, but should originate deep in the abdomen (or"tanden").  While  a Kiai is unique and personal it should be accompanied by strong emotional feeling.  Don't be afraid to kiai loudly.  The overall tone of a class is often set by the level of spirit in the class, which may be raised by a strong kiai on your part.  So if you have a strong kiai it may spur others to work harder as well.  Never be embarrassed by what you think your kiai sounds like.  If there is spirit and conviction in your actions, then your kiai will always be strong!
Demonstrating to the class - Often your sensei (instructor) will call one of the students to the front of the class to help him demonstrate a particular move or technique.  Do not feel embarrassed if you are the one chosen.  This is actually an honor!  Sensei will always choose someone who he feels is capable of executing the technique properly even though most of the students may not yet have it quite figured out. If you are chosen, go quickly to the front, bow to sensei and try your best.  A positive attitude will always be rewarded with positive results!